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“I joined Amplify one year ago. My favorite thing about Amplify is the laid-back culture. It’s felt all the way from the top to the bottom. Everyone here has a “work hard/play hard” attitude and I like that because it allows you to give 110% of your effort to your work without getting burnt out. I also like the fact that we’re always changing, we’re always trying to be our “best selves”.  The opportunity for personal and professional growth as well as the fact that we’re a small team; coming from “corporate America”. I’m happy that I’m part of a smaller team and that I have the opportunities to create and implement processes. Most recently, I helped launched the Fixed Asset Module in NetSuite. The fact that I can have a true impact keeps me here!"
- TERESA, Staff Accountant
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​​​​​​​“I was immediately ‘Amplified’ to join a growing Better-For-You snacking company back in February 2016. Tasked with leading the Sales and Business Development for Amplify Snack Brands in Canada, I had the opportunity to introduce Canadians to the delightful simplistic taste of SkinnyPop Popcorn and the bold crunchy flavors of Paqui Tortilla Chips! Since then, we have continued to innovate on our awesome portfolio of products as well as launch into new exciting categories such as SkinnyPop Mini Cakes and Oatmeaga Grass-Fed Whey Protein Bar. The fun continues with Amplify as we are currently working on launching our newest brand into the Canadian Market, Pirate's Booty Snacks! My day-in, day-out experience is a combination of leading a team of highly successful sales managers, growing our distribution across all retail channels in Canada and working with our external partners to Amplify our snacking brands in Canada."  - JEFF, Director, Sales (Canada)
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“I started working for Amplify Snack Brands the first week of November 2018. From the moment I walked in, I felt completely at ease. The culture of this company is equal parts fun and hard work. Every single person employed here is friendly, outgoing, and extremely passionate about what they do and the company they do it for. You would be hard pressed to find a better work environment not just in Austin, but anywhere. Or, for that matter, a better boss than mine, she is one for the books and has been since my first interview. Talk about endless support, encouragement, belly laughs, and spurring everyone on to give it their all every day for the bigger picture that we all count ourselves extremely lucky to be a part of. Working for this company wasn’t my “dream job,” when I was growing up (mostly because it didn’t exist yet), but there is no way I could have dreamt up a better work environment/culture myself.  Fun fact… I am an Austin native, but it took me 10 years in Denver, CO to realize how much I missed being home! Thank you, Amplify, for making that possible!"
- JORDY, Customer Service Representative
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"I have been at Amplify since August 2018. I relocated to Austin and joined the team after spending a year working at Hershey on the barkTHINS brand. When I started at Amplify, one of the first things I noticed was how passionate everyone, in every function, was about all of our brands. This comes through in every meeting, project and snack break! I really appreciate the ownership my manager has given me on my brand and my great group of coworkers who are always happy to answer questions, share opinions and provide awesome office playlists! So far, what I’ve loved most is how collaborative the culture is here and how quickly we can move because of that. It makes work really exciting to have an idea and be able to start working on it immediately with a great team! Since moving to Austin, I’ve made it my goal to try every slice of brisket and every migas taco in the city, and I’ve made pretty good progress so far!"
- DEVON, Associate Brand Manager
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“My experience with Amplify has been a wild ride! My team was brought on to build a department from the ground up. Over the last year I have been exposed to sides of the business that it would have taken years to experience and with a team that always had my back, it has been a great place to grow personally and professionally. Watching the impact of my and our teams’ work being rolled out across the nation and having personal accountability to it is one of my favorite parts about my job here at Amplify.  Again, my team keeps me here. I have loved getting to work harder than I ever had along some of the most talented minds in the industry- but there are things more important than talent– kindness, honesty, and a true sense of genuineness and those are the traits of the people who make me look forward to coming to work each day."
- KATIE, Manager, Customer Planning & Strategy
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